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Food Review: Root, Bristol

Root is a delicious, vibrant and refreshing restaurant with a unique take on vegetarian food. The menu is seasonal so each visit will be different to the last, and the small-plates menu is perfect for sharing and trying a range of dishes (or the whole menu!).

When the restaurant first launched the idea was to have vegetarian options for the majority of dishes, with meat/fish taking a supporting role. On this visit, only one dish was fish and the rest was suited to vegetarians (although dietary requirements are catered for if asked). The selection available might be because of Covid as it's a limited-menu, but as I don't eat meat I am definitely not complaining as it meant more choices for me!

My boyfriend and I probably ordered about 3/4 of the menu, and I have some regrets about not ordering a few more plates. Everything was so tasty! The plates are brought out as they are made so you can tuck in straight away to some fresh food. Words cannot describe how excited I was every time a new plate was brought over, the look, smell and taste of each dish was incredible. These were the dishes we ordered: 

Mushroom sausage roll

We had to double check this one was definitely vegetarian - it looks so much like meat! It was served with chutney and was really rich in flavour from the mushrooms.

Padron peppers

Nicely charred and spicy, the sauce drizzled over was harrisa based and complimented the chillis perfectly! Myh boyfriend is a bit of a wuss when it comes to spices so I got the majority of these to myself which was definitely a bonus.

Korean fried celeriac

This was another dish that threw me; it looks exactly like sticky fried chicken! I'm not sure if I've ever eaten celeriac before but if I have it again I want it to be similar to this. The vibrant slaw added a welcome tang to the dish and made everything taste really refreshing. Absolutely heavenly.

Roasted carrots

These came sat on a bed of aubergine, kind of baba ganoush style. Bits of apricot and a sprinkle of dukkah added extra flavour to this dish but wow were those carrots soft and perfectly cooked.

Potato gnocchi

This was so bright and so fresh and so delicious. Yummy pesto, greens and peas with some wonderfully fluffy gnocchi

Summer berries meringue

Crack open this meringue and out bursts a variety of delicious summer berries. The marbled raspberry ice cream on top was delicious (although I could only have a bit because of the whole not being allowed dairy, cry). A perfect end to a perfect meal!

I would definitely recommend Root to meat and non-meat eaters alike. The dishes are so full of flavour (and some deceptively veg-based) that everyone will come away feeling satisfied and happy. 

You can find Root at Wapping Wharf in Bristol, right on the harbour so it has lovely views, too!


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