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Food Review: Dhamaka

Dhamaka is a modern Indian diner with a passion for Indian street food based in the heart of Bristol. As soon as you walk through the door you're hit with this incredible smell and vibrant, lively atmosphere. This coupled with an extensive choice of veggie and vegan options on the menu made me very excited to eat there.

I'd already looked up the menu and Dhamaka's Instagram before arriving, but that didn't save me from trying to decide between all the amazing dishes. They have a (rather big!) selection of Indian street food, plus a variety of curries, rice, naans and side dishes. It was a little overwhelming as I really wanted to try as much as possible. I'd definitely recommend going with someone who likes to share food so you can get a range of dishes between you. 

In the evening they offer a Thali plate, which is a plate of smaller dishes accompanied by rice and naan. The plate comes with a few set dishes plus two that you can customise from a list; you can pick between a range of curries and street food (we went for a veggie dumpling korma and cauliflower bites). The plate is intended for one person, but as my friend and I don't eat meat we decided to share one between us (as we would have got the same options otherwise, and this felt like a waste as there are so many things to try!) We then picked a couple of street food dishes to go with it. We put everything in the middle of the table and dipped and scooped as we liked!

Before 7pm there is also an offer of 2 cocktails for £10 (must be the same cocktail) - it would have been rude not to take advantage! Each cocktail has an Indian twist to it which is really interesting and really tasty. I feel that sometimes cocktails in a restaurant are a bit of an overpriced gimmick and I have more often than not ended up with an expensive juice, but not these! I could have happily kept drinking cocktails into the night if I wasn't so full/needed to give the table back.

If you're in Bristol and fancy something a bit different, I would definitely recommend Dhamaka. They even give you a little hand wipe and mint chocolate with the bill. I've already told my boyfriend that I'm taking him there so I can finish trying the rest of the menu...


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